Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear Hammock In My Backyard-

Everything about hanging about on the hammock makes me smile and happy. When you rock back and forth and you look up and notice how beautiful everything around you happens to be you tilt your head back and laugh like some lunatic. Relaxing serenity. Many interesting events have occurred on that particular hammock. And some of those events were definitely not relaxing, more like absolutely bonkers. Considering, my friends and I would throw ourselves onto the hammock or we would flip onto the darn thing. Sometimes we would fall of the hammock when we doing our tricks. We would also play the tipping game where we would tip the hammock and not fall off, that is if we were lucky enough. We would also place bunches of pillows on the deadly poles underneath the hammock and plain fall off onto the pillows. What silly times.

Short post. I know.
Just wanted to write about my beloved hammock.
Randomness can be good for the human being.
Best Wishes and Rocking,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Have Developed Some Strong Feelings For My Straightening Iron.

The straightening iron has developed some strong feelings for me. I believe this because every single time I wonder what I should do about my hair the straightening iron screams out for me. Then the straightening iron heats up much faster then usual for me. Seriously, the straightening iron has developed feelings for me. I think I might have developed some feelings for it because everything about the darn thing has made me smile. The heat radiating off the steamy metal and that steam makes me hair gorgeous. I must state that my hair actually turns out being pretty when the straightening iron and my hair makes contact. How different is that? I have frizzy and poofy hair and that straightening iron fixes everything. God. I absolutely love that darn thing. How could you not? I have been wondering whether or not I should name it like some random junkie names his vehicle. I know that sounds strange because we are talking about a straightening iron but, this machine has managed to make me smile. Now, that deserves some love other than just some post. Should I name him Stanley? Or what about the name Dave? Either one would fits this amazing machine perfectly. I love that steamy metal.. Basically you should buy something like my straightening iron because you would smile and feel happy. Everything would feel right and that is a wonderful feeling. Everything makes you confident walking around with the work that you and your straightening iron accomplished. Get a straightening iron.

That was random and very weird.

Have You Ever Pictured A Blond Roasting? Not Pretty.

Everyone seems to be wonderful around the coming back of school. Does that not sound accurate because everything about coming back from schools sounds absolutely gorgeous. Everything about it. I mean, there's the fact that the first period back happens to be running over a mile. That sounds extremely not agonizing. Then there's that gorgeous topic about how you have tons and tons of homework the first day back. Sounds amazing, right? Everything about those things sound absolutely yummy. 

Alright everyone. Hopefully, you sensed my sarcasm there. Because you would need some mental help if you had not sensed that strong scent right there. Overdue. I know. These particular events actually happened about two weeks ago. I wanted to write about my part on sarcasm so there you go. Sarcasm, by the way, can make everything seem amazing or absolutely hideous. Be careful, my children.

Alright. I am writing this particular post at the coffee shop fifteen minutes away and having some delicious gulps of my hot chocolate when I notice something unusual. Well, you see there happens to be some advertisements around mentioning the phrase "Blond Roast". That might be some kind of wicked coffee term but that sounds wrong to me. Why? Because when I see the word "blond" that reminds of the hair color blond and the disadvantages that happen to come with it. Then there's the other word "roast" and that reminds of something being roasted or in other words, set on fire. Basically, you can see where this comes together and does not sound right. If you do not understand just picture some dumb blond being roasted in the fire. Not pretty.

Ramble Out.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Camels Would Be Nice When You Had A Messy Locker Like Mine.

Have you ever wondered how people that seemed much less unorganized then you have the most organized lockers. Recently and basically the whole school year my locker has been overcrowded with books and papers and wallets and brushes and candy wrappers and anything else you could dream of. My locker was not that great locker you think I, an organized teenager, would have. Although for some random reason my lockers turned into a bomb scene from world war two. Everything would fall out onto that guy under me. I felt pretty horrible for him when things would come and topple on his head. Unfortunately, I could not help laughing. Sometimes, that guy got on my nerves when we were in math class. Anyways, my amazing and very helpful friend helped me bring around four bags home. Walking is our transportation and our homes are about a mile away. So you could imagine bringing home about four full bags and three of them were pretty heavy. Then you could imagine my friend giving me the other bag because she has a house much closer to the school. At least that house felt much closer considering the journey that only I achieved of two blocks felt like two days.

I would definitely be happy riding a camel home each time I want to travel somewhere but see the beauty. Camels that would be under me and they would carry my bags and my back would not be vulnerable to spinal problems. I think camels could help everyone instead of just me. There would be the camel choosing contest where your camel picks you. Camels would be everywhere and life for everyone would be content.

My locker has reached the level of being manageable and pretty. Everything has a place and more importantly the things are in their places. Anyways, that was my rant for the day and hopefully you were amused on my camels paragraph because how can you not love the fact of riding camels everywhere. The people from the middle east absolutely adored the idea. Of course the middle eastern people weren't the ones who found the camels. The Romans showed the middle eastern people the camels.

I hope my parents do not consider therapy for me. It would be possible. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where Am I Going? What Will Happen To Me?

Have you ever wondered where you will be going next month? What would happen to you and others you know. Maybe there would be a devastating earthquake or someone you love gets cancer. And of course there will be the good stuff, like maybe you'll win the lottery or your father will come home from the military. I have been wondering about this ever since I read a blog post very similar to this. It made me think. How I should enjoy and cherish life a bit more. I do not know whether or not I will really follow my words on life or ignore them. I hope that I really can though. I have so much that I should be thankful for, like my loving mother and my awesome friends. Anyways, I had this sudden urge to write this and I knew that it wouldn't be long. Just a reminder to cherish life and do not hate something or anything for the wrong reasons. Love you for reading my rambling and probably the most random posts ever, Ashlyn.

Hey! I Discovered This! Yeah, You Did, But Theres Still More To Find.

          Have you ever noticed that every single question you have ever asked has another question always following along. There will never be an ending to discovering new things. There will always be something there to discover and take an adventure on finding out the answer. There are the extremely easy questions and the extremely bonker questions. I might want to share some questions that make me wonder every day.

What happened before the dinosaurs and the earth and the plain universe itself? Have you ever wondered about this because many scientist over the entire world have and they have definitely not figured it out. Neither have I but of course I have my theories. The gods are obviously one, for that's what many people assume. Now here's my question on that, what the heck made the gods? Did they just appear out of nowhere because, I mean, seriously. What if time was almost like recycling? My other theory and its pretty crazy because of all the complications, but you know. There are my theories for this question.

What happens to the good and what happens to the bad when you die? I have wondered about this recently. For some reason the question just keeps popping up where ever I go. Most of the times when I wonder about this, I predict that there's heaven and hell and then that would tie with the above question about the gods. But what if the gods don't exist. Many people would fight with me on this and probably myself too, but I have to ask myself to explore all the ways.

Would anything seeming impossible become completely possible? I know. Here's one of those inspirational talks again, but seriously think about my question. Everyone tells you that you can not become this and become that. You and everyone else out there needs to stop and listen to your heart. Do not let someone else that does not truly know you, tell you what you want to do and can do. My theories for this question for this question, you ask? One gigantic and humongous yes. No science can tear me down on this one. Nothing can.

Anyways, there are my questions and tell me what you think.
I really appreciate the fact that you have read my full rambling session.
Probably boring .I will make sure to avoid this completely maybe.
Just kidding. Not really.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Would I Take The Story? Of Course Not.

What if you could take some pictures of the story you created and make them your life. You could become the beautiful and talented princess or the handsome and famous superhero. You could be anything. The story would belong to you and everything you wanted just happened to be there. You could take away the feeling of pain and be invisible. You could be anyone you want. Theres a catch though. You would have nobody to love and of course you could have someone love you, that did not mean you could love them. It might have been your story but, nothing good comes without something bad. But remember that you could be anyone. You could be rich and famous. You could be powerful and beautiful. You could do that but you couldn't love someone. You would be viewed secretly, without your knowledge, a monster. Nobody could truly love you in some way, though. Have you ever noticed that you have love no matter what, for someone who loves you. Basically, your story would be twisted in a way. Everybody needs love to be. In the end of your story of pictures everything would come spiraling down and down. Until your nothing.Your somewhere blank and without everything. But remember that for the longest time you could be anyone or anything. You would be blind to everything but at least you would be blind and never find out until the end.

What would you choose and be honest.
You receive fame and beauty and anything you want.
But there would be no love.
What would you do?